About me

Hi everyone  this website is dedicate to the Best friend of man.

So I introduce myself my name is Armando Sooklall I am Mauritian I live in France. With this site I want to share the love I have for dogs, something I wanna share with my 2 year old daughter, my wife and our beautiful dog Xena.

I had always wanted to learn more about the techniques to educate a dog efficiently.


Actually, as I told you previously I’m a kid of Mauritius who live in France actually.  In the past, I’ve been trying to educate dogs in my own ways but I was doing something wrong no idea what was wrong. I began to form myself seriously on dog education, diet, behaviours.

Now, that  I’ve been learning new technics and getting positive results, it’s just amazing once you got the good information and start to practice it on a daily basis you will automatically get good result.



The reason why I decided to create this website is to help people, on how to understand his or her dog’s behaviour and raise a healthy dog. This website will provide you with the latest techniques and how to correct unwanted behaviors, you will also find articles on their diet, we want them to live longer, so it’s better to be aware and give them the best for their health.

This is a real pleasure to help people around me, more dogs will be happier because their owner will now understand how to communicate correctly.


The Goal of this website, is to share a maximum information to all person willing to get their dog’s education on the next level. You will receive valuable information, if these lessons are put in practice on a daily basis it will definitely make you more confident when you are walking your dog out peacefully. Both of you enjoying the walk believe me that’s a really good feeling.

It is for this reason that I wanna  share my knowledge. I also think that we are not done learning, please feel free to leave a comment if you think that some articles can be completed or feel free to contact me.

All the best,

Armando Sooklall


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